We Proclaim A Spiritual Warfare Today 



Propose Statement of Holy Generation (HG)


When education falls, the country is ruined! Happy childhood and dreaming adolescence disappeared. Violence is causing children to commit suicide at school. There are signs of declining education here and there. Even if the affection, time, and education costs for children's education increase day by day, education is getting more and more desolate. The authority of teachers and professors fell to the ground. Education has already transformed as a means of moving capitalism efficiently. Now all these sinful educational systems have been organized and are at the completion stage.


The reproduction of the fallen generation, why did it become so? I can not spend day by day these bad and humiliating situations. The authority of air seized the authority of the public power is driving the destruction of the educational system of this city and country. So, today we proclaim spiritual warfare.


We, who believe that the kingdom of God should be waged in the educational world, stand up with flags to raise a holy generation. Our enemies are not other religions or external figures or situations that threaten us. My fallen free will and laziness for the construction of the kingdom of God is the object of my spiritual warfare. We, the professors and the teachers, have been producing many sins, such as doing education out of the gospel of God. Parents must also confess that they have sunk in competition for their own children, and have to repent


We will uncover all the sins that have already taken root in the education system, and we will pray and repent and restore holiness again with the grace of God. The essence of education starts from the awe of truth. We want to restore the principles of education that God has given us, and to move forward practically to restore the most beautiful education in the world according to God's will.

After the meeting, we will reform education every year by running and inspecting and will aim to complete the education / social system to nurture the holy generations.


We desire that the great grace of God will come to this gathering, and we will give full 24 hours of praise and intercession. This is an expression of our eagerness to await revival.


Lord, have mercy on us! Come, Holy Spirit!



Intercessors praying for the birth of a holy generation

© 2016 By Holy Generations in Education

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