Why God Gave us 7 Creeds for Holy Generation (HG) 

We have to repent for the unholy format of prayer's meeting that we are having widely. 

When we are preparing the first HG prayer's meeting, God commanded us to the following seven creeds. It was quite different from our common sense. Whenever we received each creed, it was too difficult to follow it. But we took them as orders from the Holy Spirit, and we decide to obey only. As a result, in the HG Prayer, the unholy things resulting from incomplete human thought was disappeared, and HG became the whole holy prayer that God is pleased with.


What is the prayer of seeking the face of God?
For example, suppose we attend a two-hour prayer meeting at church. If God doesn't show his face after two hours, we stop the prayer.  It is the same as saying "God, I only have two hours to pray. You have to respond within that time. If you don't, I'll just end the prayer and go back to my job." 

Prayer that truly seeks God's face should not have the time to end. You must wrestle with a prayer to the end like Jacob of Peniel. 

 No Organization 

We are aiming at HG to become that the Holy Spirit directs. Therefore, there is no organization (committees, directors and divisions, a chairperson).  We devote to HG with the heart of the Lord alone. The harmony of many participants constructed by the conducting of the Holy Spirit is the most beautiful.

'Can we do this HG without any organization?' It is our worldly worry. When we put our thoughts down and thoroughly relied on the Holy Spirit, we experienced the amazing harmony of the Holy Spirit.

 No Mobilization 

It is not important how many are gathered at HG. That is not essential. We have a strange false belief that it will be a better prayer meeting when many people gather.

As we were preparing for this HG, we realized that we had to give up our won plan to increase the number of participants in the HG.
God finds those who pray with the Spirit and the Truth.

No asking for Financial Aids 

We believe that the Lord will fill the necessary budget and will not ask any financial sponsorship to anyone. If we do not have enough budget, we can run HG within the budget. We had to believe that Holy Spirit is the owner of HG 

 No Stars 

In HG, the names of the main lecturers, worship leaders and prayer leaders of the meetings are not to be raised. We are only aiming God is praised. 
"I won't give my glory to anyone else," Isaiah 48:2

 No Protocols 

In general, if pastors of a large church or famous lecturers came to any meeting, there was always protocol for them. As we grew up in Korea, this No Protocol was too hard to accept. But when we prayed, it was clear that this was God's will. By keeping this, all participants in the meeting were able to concentrate fully on worship, praise and prayer.

 No Rewards 

We have decided not to pay any rewards to any worship leaders, prayer leaders, or praise teams. We are all participating for worshiping and praying to God.

"These seven creeds were born of the Spirit given by the Holy Spirit."
"This is the principle of a whole, holy prayer meeting.
Therefore, God will surely hear our prayers.

© 2016 By Holy Generations in Education

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